CPU Distributing, Inc. is based in Humble, Texas, just north of downtown Houston near the George Bush Intercontinental Airport. Since 1990 we've been providing IT consultants across the nation and internationally with networking hardware and software.

Over the years, we moved from a focus on general networking solutions to a primary focus of providing the best and most-up-to-date security solutions from leading IT manufacturers for an organizations network (wired or wireless), data, email, internet, and remote access. We still provide general networking solutions (i.e. switches, NICs, routers, PCs, laptops, cable, printers, ink cartridges, and so-forth), but as a secondary focus.

Why do Business with CPU?
We understand that we must earn the privilege of doing business with you and we hope you will give us that opportunity. But to earn that privilege, we must bring more to the table than just glorified quote makers and order takers. To earn that privilege and keep it, we must provide value such as . . .

A Relationship of Trust: Establishing trust with our customers and keeping that trust is important to us because without trust there is no relationship, business or otherwise. We understand that what we do or do not do, whether accidentally or not, can also affect the relationship of trust you have developed between you and your clients either in a positive or negative way. Our desire is to develop our relationship with trust with you in such a way that it will always affect your relationship with your customers in a positive way.

For example: Who would you trust more?

  • A company that simply processes your order as it comes in and then ships it to you OR
  • A company that actually cares enough for their clients to TAKE IT ONE STEP FURTHER and review each order that comes in to make sure you are receiving the best value possible, taking advantage of any promotions that may be available, will call you to let you know that your order, if you're willing to wait a few extra days to get the approval, may qualify for a special price reduction, to verify that you have all the pieces in place for your order to function properly, to personally let you know that your order may be delayed due to backorders or that what you are wanting is discontinued and what the replacement options are, and so-forth.

We believe in TAKING IT ONE STEP FURTHER when it comes to our customers and that is what you want in a vendor that you do business with, right?

But, we don't stop there. We also provide you . . .

A Great Selection of Name Brand Solutions to Select From:Through solid relationships we've developed with manufacturers and various authorized distributors, we are able to provide you thousands of different and competitively prices options when it comes to IT security and general networking solutions.

Efficient & Secure Online Ordering System: Whether you order through our online catalog system or call in your order, we take the security of your credit card and personal information very seriously and take precautions to make sure it is not compromised and meets the various compliance regulations regarding such.

Efficient Delivery System: We have maximized product selection and availability by utilizing our own warehouse in conjunction with a nationwide network of authorized distribution centers with billions of dollars in product inventory, which allows us to help to provide on-time delivery and multiple delivery options.

A Well-trained Sales Team: Your account manager is more than just a glorified quote maker and order taker. As a member of our sales team here at CPU Distributing, they are constantly trained on product knowledge, network security principles, and in providing excellent customer service. For example, they are trained to . . .

  • Be a pre-sales consultant to you: They make sure you are quoted and purchasing the right solution, have all the information you need regarding that solution, provided alternatives if need be based on the parameters of the project they are provided, and are receiving the best value possible that we can provide you.
  • Double Check you're taking advantage of any promotions or special price reduction requests, product availability, receiving the best possible value we can provide, and ordering or quoted everything you need in regards to what you are requesting or ordering.
  • Help you keep cash flow flowing and customers secure/supported: Subscription renewals are one of the best ways to create regular cash flows and your customers' IT infrastructure and the appliances being used within their infrastructure supported and up-to-date with patches and so-forth. For each subscription you've purchased through us, your account manager has been trained to keep track of those subscriptions and then send a notification and a renewal quote to you about 30-45 days or so prior to their expiry date.

    This process is appreciated by many of our clients because it helps to both remind them of a renewal that is coming due so they can notify their customers in a timely manner AND helps them keep their cash flow from subscriptions flowing.

  • Provide Answers to Your IT Security Questions: When you need an answer to an IT security scenario, your account manager will find that answer. If they do not know the answer, then they will go to our sales engineer with the various manufacturers we've developed solid relationships with to obtain that answer. If the answer is out there, we will help you find it.
  • Set up webinars and teleconferences as needed: Because of the relationships we've developed with various manufacturers of the brands we focus on, we are able to work with their business development representatives and sales engineers to set up conference calls or webinars to help you get answers about their products and the scenarios you are considering them for, speak with your clients if desired, and or simply for educational purposes.
  • Resolve any issues that may arise as quickly as possible: We realize we can’t please everyone ALL the time and that challenges to a business relationship will eventually arise for whatever reason. Our sales team has been trained to bring those challenges to their supervisor right away so we can work to resolve them as quickly as possible and get back to growing a business relationship that works for all concerned.
  • View their business relationship with you as an ongoing partnership whereby you both work together to create a win-win business relationship for both of our companies.

These are just a few ways we bring value to the table for you!


Our Guarantee to You
We at CPU Distributing guarantee that we will always strive to do our best to make sure that you have a pleasant experience shopping with us, you receive the best possible pricing and value we can afford to provide, you receive your orders in a timely manner, and resolve any challenges that may arise with an order or in our relationship as quickly as possible.

If for any reason you would like to provide feedback regarding your account manager’s services or let us know how we can improve our service to you, please do not hesitate to let us know by contacting the Lynn “Red” Skelton, Sales Manager, at 800-880-4200 or [email protected].


A Message from CPU's President
Our focus on network security products, continued training on new products and technologies combined with the strong partnerships with our vendors and manufacturers enables you to maximize your profitability and provide greater value to your clients. Whether it’s pre-sales assistance, training or post-sales assistance that’s needed, CPU Distributing Inc. is there behind you as an aid in your success.

We want to work with you in creating a dynamic win-win business relationship with you and help you do the same between you and your clients. Why don't you join us in this endeavor and let us prove ourselves?

Contact us at 800-880-4200 or [email protected] to start the process or to provide suggestions on how we can better serve you and or make this website a more beneficial site for you and your company. We strive to provide the best in customer service and appreciate all feedback on how we are doing and suggestions for improvement.

We look forward to working with you toward your success!

Terry Green
President - CPU Distributing, Inc.