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Barracuda CudaTel Servers
(VoIP Telephony)

CudaTel by Barracuda Networks is the PBX that IT guys
around the globe have been waiting for. It’s easy to install, easy to manage, and has a low cost with a full set of features in every model. With CudaTel, you get: World-class 24x7 support, every feature with every box (no per-user or per-feature fees), a web-based user interface that just makes sense, and standards-based interoperability without proprietary lock-in.

In a quickly changing business climate, companies that aren’t using the latest technology get left behind. CudaTel delivers features that help your business operate more efficiently, more effectively, and with less headache than a conventional phone system. Step out of the overpriced, underpowered phone systems of the 1970s — at a price any business can afford.

When you buy a phone system — why should you pay more to use it?
With a CudaTel Communication Server, you’ll never see per-user or per-feature fees. Do you need more conferences? Call queues? Adding more users or phones? It’s all ready straight out of the box, and you’ll never need to pay a penny more to use it.

CudaTel Server Benefits

Appliance Design: There’s no bulky equipment to bolt to a plywood board. Put CudaTel in the rack next to your Active Directory, Exchange, Windows and Linux servers. You know that VOIP is just another application on your network— it’s time to manage it that way.

Standards-based Technology:
CudaTel uses the SIP standard protocol, supported by phones and carriers around the world. Use any SIP-compatible phone, application, or smartphone app: Polycom, SIPDroid, Acrobits— you pick! Then, get connected using any SIP-compliant VOIP service at a fraction of the cost of traditional phone service.

Native Phone Line Hardware Integration:
Some models of the CudaTel Communication Server come pre-configured and optimized with best-of-breed telephony company integration (TDM) hardware, with onboard echo cancellation and support for four analog incoming lines, up to quad T1s.

SIP Phone And Provider Support:
CudaTel Communication Server supports SIP for both provider services (telephone company) as well as end user devices (phones, software clients). Any SIP-compliant service or device can be used with CudaTel.

High-Definition Voice Quality:
Using supported phones, the CudaTel Communication Server provides unmatched voice quality. High-Definition (near CD quality) audio is delivered through the G.722, G.722.1, and G.722.1c codecs.

Data Sheets:
Barracuda CudaTelBarracudaSupported Phones & Features

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