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SonicWall Email Security Solutions

SonicWall offers a variety of flexible email security solutions to match the unique email security needs of your organization—whether you have one user or 100,000. From appliances and software to virtual appliances and services, all solutions offer powerful protection from spam, phishing and viruses at a low total cost of ownership. What makes us different from the competition?

It's our Anti-spam and Email Security platform!


SonicWall provides email security solutions for all sizes of organizations and budgets. From Hosted Email Security to a full blown Email Security Appliance you can find the right solution to secure your email and stop spam.

Email Security Appliances
Businesses with 25 users or more that desire complete inbound and outbound email projection on one system, from one vendor, can benefit from a SonicWall Email Security Appliance. These appliances come with a hardened Linux-based OS and the SonicWall Email Security application installed.

Email Security Virtual Appliance

Businesses that want complete inbound and outbound email protection in a highly scalable VMware® environment can look to the SonicWall Email Security Virtual Appliance. It provides the same powerful protection as a traditional SonicWall Email Security Appliance, only in a virtual form. By leveraging shared computing resources, it optimizes utilization, eases migration and reduces capital costs.

Email Security Software
For those businesses that want complete inbound and outbound email protection on one system, but also require the ability to change, update or add on to their Windows-based system, there’s SonicWall Email Security Software (SES). It’s designed for organizations of 25 users or more for installation on a Windows Server based system. It offers the same powerful benefits as a traditional SonicWall Email Security Appliance, only your organization has control over the platform as well as the email security application itself.

SonicWALL Email Security (SES) Software
Smaller organizations that use Windows® Small Business Server (SBS) or Essential Business Server (EBS) and want inbound and outbound email protection and email services on one system can benefit from SonicWall Email Security (SES) for SBS or EBS. SES for SBS is designed for organizations up to 75 users, and SES for EBS is designed for organizations up to 300 users. Once installed in the SBS or EBS server, this solution offers the same functionality and powerful protection as a traditional SonicWall Email Security Appliance—only in a software form.

Anti-spam for the Desktop
Single users and small offices of less than ten users should consider SonicWALL Anti-Spam Desktop for client-based, real-time protection against spam and phishing email. Extremely affordable, highly effective and easy to install, SonicWALL Anti-Spam Desktop blocks spam and phishing email on Windows-based desktops or laptops that use Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express or Win Mail to receive email. The subscription service works with Exchange, POP or IMAP-based inbound email.
Comprehensive Anti-Spam Service (CASS)
As an add-on service for SonicWall firewalls, CASS eliminates inbound junk email at the gateway, before it enters the network. CASS is ideal for smaller organizations and distributed enterprises of up to 250 users that receive email at multiple locations and need gateway-based inbound email protection to reduce network traffic.

Hosted Email Security
SonicWall Hosted Email Security offers superior cloud-based protection from inbound and outbound threats including spam, phishing, zombie attacks and malware, while minimizing deployment, administration and bandwidth expenses.

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