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SonicWall SuperMassive Series

The SonicWall™ SuperMassive™ Series is SonicWall’s next-generation firewall (NGFW) platform designed for large networks to deliver scalability, reliability and deep security at multi-gigabit speeds with near zero latency.

Built to meet the needs of enterprise, government, university, and service provider deployments, the SuperMassive Series is ideal for securing enterprise networks, data centers and service providers.

Combining its massively multi-core architecture and SonicWall’s patented* Reassembly-Free Deep Packet Inspection® (RFDPI) technology, the SuperMassive E10000 and 9000 Series deliver industry-leading application control, intrusion prevention, malware protection and SSL inspection at multigigabit speeds. The SuperMassive Series is designed with power, space, and cooling (PSC) in mind, providing the leading Gbps/Watt NGFW in the industry for application control and threat prevention.


SuperMassive E10000 Series

Deliver scalability, reliability and deep security for 10+ Gigabit networks at very large data centers, carriers, and service providers. The field-upgradeable SonicWall SuperMassive E10000 Series offers the best concurrent connections and connections per second, and best Gbps/Watt for application control and threat prevention.

The SonicWall SuperMassive E10000 Series is built with a focus on high performance, scalability and high availability, providing large enterprises a platform to address their most demanding security needs. This combination of scalability and performance is a result of a powerful and massively scalable multi-core architecture paired with SonicWall’s proprietary deep packet inspection engine that can scale linearly to any number of processing cores. Environments that see their network security needs grow with time can upgrade their system to increase the available performance of their SuperMassive platform.

The SuperMassive E10000 Series is engineered to deliver ultra-low latency Deep Packet Inspection that large enterprises demand. The SuperMassive fabric interconnect provides 240 Gbps of nonblocking bandwidth with less than 1 μs latency for unhindered communication between the 96 processing cores and the 6 x 10-Gbps SFP+ and the 16 x 1-Gbps SFP ports.


SuperMassive 9000 Series
Ensure the protection, performance and scalability necessary for today’s 10+ Gigabit enterprise infrastructures. The SonicWall SuperMassive 9000 Series Next-Generation Firewall uses high-core-density architecture in an elegant, one-rack appliance, saving rack space and lowering power and cooling costs.

The SonicWall™ SuperMassive™ 9000 Series Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) is designed to deliver deep security to your enterprise at multi-gigabit speeds. Offering the ultimate in security with enterprise class performance, the SuperMassive 9000 Series detects and blocks the most sophisticated threats before they can enter your network with minimal latency for every connection on the network. Utilizing a higher core density architecture in an elegant, one rack unit appliance, the SuperMassive 9000 Series efficiently saves rack space and lowers power and cooling costs. Its multicore design can gracefully handle traffic spikes without impacting network performance.

Now your enterprise can be both secure and productive. SonicWall turned the network security product category upside down by redefining the Next-Generation Firewall and eliminating the age-old protection-for-performance tradeoff. SonicWall SuperMassive Series was designed from the ground up for the world’s most demanding enterprise networks. Culminating from years of research and development, the solution was built to deliver security, performance, and scalability without compromise. The result – SonicWall’s SonicWALL SuperMassive Series is the most secure, highest performing NGFW ever.


Available SuperMassive Models: E10800, E10400, 9800, 9600, 9400, 9200

The SuperMassive 9000 Series appliances are available in a TotalSecure model which is simply the appliance bundled with 1 year of Comprehensive Gateway Security Suite (CGSS)*. All NSA Series appliances are also available as upgrades through SonicWall's Secure Upgrade Plus 2 or 3-year CGSS*. As it looks like, the Secure Upgrade Plus appliances are bundled with 2 or 3 years of CGSS*. This upgrade path can be used to upgrade from an earlier SonicWALL model or a qualifying competitive brand firewall.

For pre-sales sizing consultation or pricing, give CPU Distributing a call at 800-880-4200!

Basic SuperMassive Series Info (9200, 9400, 9600, 9800, E10400, E10800)
(See SuperMassive Series Data Sheet below for full specifications)

Stateful Throughput / Processing Cores
(Throughput = No security services running)

9200: 15 Gbps / 24
9400: 20 Gbps / 32
9600: 20 Gbps / 32
9800: 40 Gbps / 64
E10400: 20 Gbps / 48
E10800: 40 Gbps / 96

Application Inspection / IPS / Anti-Malware

9200: 5 Gbps / 5 Gbps / 3.5 Gbps
9400: 10 Gbps / 10 Gbps / 4.5 Gbps
9600: 11.5 Gbps / 11.5 Gbps / 5 Gbps
9800: 24 Gbps / 24 Gbps / 10 Gbps
E10400: 15 Gbps / 15 Gbps / 6 Gbps
E10800: 28 Gbps / 28 Gbps / 12 Gbps

Site-to-Site VPNs
(Firewall to Firewall)

9200 - 9600: 10,000
9800: 25,000
E10400 & E10800: 10,000

GVC: Global VPN Client Licenses
(IPsec - Can apply up to 2 over the max but only use
up to the max number of licenses)

9200: 2,000 (4,000 max)
9400: 2,000 (6,000 max)
9600 & 9800: 2,000 (10,000 max)
E10400 & E10800: 2,000 (10,000 max)

SSL VPN Licenses
(Hard set on maximum # of licenses allowed)

9200: -
9400: -
9600: -
9800: -
E10400: 100
E10800: 100

SonicPoints Supported
(When using multiple SonicPoints with a Wired
Appliance, roamers will NOT have to re-login from
one zone to another. If use SonicPoints with a
Wireless Appliance (NSA 220W or NSA 250M-W),
then roamers will have to re-login when moving
from the SonicPoint Zone to the Wireless Appliance Zone and vice-versus.)

9200 - 9600: 128
9800: -
E10400: -
E10800: -

Nodes Supported
ALL SuperMassive models: Unrestricted

10 GbE Interfaces; 1 GbE Interfaces; and Management Interfaces

9200 - 9600: 4 x 10-GbE SFP+; 8 x 1-GbE SFP, 8 x 1 GbE (1 LAN Bypass pair); 1 GbE, 1 Console

9800: 4 x 10-GbE SFP+; 12 x 1-GbE SFP, 8 x 1 GbE; 1 GbE, 1 Console

E10400: 6 x 10-GbE SFP+; 16 x 1-GbE SFP; 1 Gbe, 1 Console

E10800: 6 x 10-GbE SFP+; 16 x 1-GbE SFP; 1 Gbe, 1 Console

*CGSS (Comprehensive Gateway Security Suite):
Includes Intrusion Prevention, Gateway Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Application Control & Visualization, Cloud AV, Content Filtering Premium Service, Botnet filtering, GeoIP Identification and 24x7 Support.

Data Sheets:

NSA Series VPN Client Comprehensive Gateway Security Suite
Enforced Client AV/ASW SSL Inspection Comprehensive Anti-Spam Service
Deep Packet Inspection Failover & Failback SonicWALL Wireless Network Security