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3G/4G Wireless WAN Extenders - FortiExtender

Connecting to the FortiGate using a standard Ethernet cable, FortiExtender devices can be physically separated from the FortiGate, allowing for installation near a window or outdoors to optimize the 3G/4G signal strength. Suitable for use as a secondary failover connection to the wired WAN link for improved business continuity, or as a primary WAN link, the FortiExtender provides ultimate flexibility and choice for your WAN connectivity.


  • Flexible Installation – FortiExtender enables the placement of your 3G/4G Wireless modem closer to windows or outdoors to increase signal strength.
  • Primary or Secondary WAN Link - Can be used as a primary WAN link or as a secondary failover WAN link to improve business continuity.
  • Managed and Secured from the FortiGate – Each FortiExtender appears as a standard interface on the FortiGate, enabling centralized management and complete UTM security to be applied to the 3G/4G WAN connection.
  • Deep Visibility – Connection status as well as data usage management and alerts are visible from the FortiGate, allowing you to monitor the health of your connection and avoid excess data usage charges.
  • Power over Ethernet – Installation is quick and simple, with the Power over Ethernet (POE) capability.

The FortiExtender series of products are 3G/4G Wireless WAN Extenders designed for the FortiGate Connected UTM. Ideally suited to Distributed Enterprise or SMB network installations, FortiExtender provides a secure mechanism to connect your FortiGate to a 3G/4G Wireless network, either as a primary or backup (failover) Wireless WAN connection. With IP55 rated outdoor models and indoor models, a FortiExtender can be connected using Power over Ethernet and installed up to 100m away from the FortiGate, optimizing the 3G/4G Wireless signal strength.

Unlike stand-alone 3G/4G Wireless WAN extenders, FortiExtender integrates directly into the FortiGate Connected UTM and is managed from the familiar FortiOS interface. This allows security policy to be seamlessly applied to the FortiExtender and provides visibility into the performance and data usage of the connection.

For a list of compatible USB modems, see the FortiExtender Modem Compatibility Matrix

Data Sheets:
FortiExtender-100BFortiExtender-100A-VZWFortiExtender-20BProduct Matrix

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