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FortiWAN is an edge server appliance deployed on the border between enterprise intranets (LANs) and the Internet (WAN). It merges multiple WAN links into virtual pipes to deliver bandwidth aggregation and WAN fault tolerance. It takes advantage of unused or standby lines by redistributing traffic to accelerate data transfer for faster application delivery.

FortiWAN delivers unmatched price/performance by integrating multiple low cost WAN links to perform on par with expensive leased lines. It effectively reduces ISP subscriber charges to a fraction of a leased line rental, while load balancing and bandwidth management reduces overhead costs. With three models to choose from, you can select bandwidths from 60 Mbps up to 3 Gbps to meet the needs of your business.

FortiWAN Hardware-based Link Load Balancing Appliances come in three models with WAN throughputs up to 3 Gbps and the ability to manage up to 50 WAN links based on the model and license. They offer the connectivity you need with up to 8 GE and 8 GE SFP ports depending on the model you choose. The FortiWAN 1000B and 3000B models offer dual power supplies for Data Center environments.


  • Patented Tunnel Routing technology delivers link aggregation and fault tolerance over multiple links to ensure optimum delivery of delay sensitive applications.
  • Policy-based rules that can route traffic based on type or bandwidth constraints to improve response times and reduce CDN costs.
  • WAN link aggregation that can take advantage of standby or unused lines to accelerate data transfer for faster application delivery.
  • Aggregates multiple leased and broadband lines to increase bandwidth including inexpensive ISP lines like DSL or Cable Modems to deliver speeds comparable to costly leased lines such as E1/T1 or T3.
  • Provides fault tolerance for both inbound and outbound traffic to ensure stable and dependable bandwidth, even rerouting traffic if any connection interruptions are detected without interfering with VPN sessions.
  • Auto Routing directs each session or connection to the best available link using policy-based routing, optimal routing, and traffic scheduling to effectively convert any business rule into network policy.
  • Multihoming uses patented SwiftDNS technology, providing unmatched bandwidth availability by load balancing all incoming traffic across multiple hosts, multiple Internet access lines and multiple ISPs.
  • IP address-based restrictions for inbound and outbound traffic protect your network from intrusions and help diagnose application/server problems.
  • Advanced and intuitive UI simplifies network management and provides the platform with uncomplicated and secure network administration.
  • Integrated reporting that provides around the clock network monitoring, live statistical feedback, and warns administrators of any abnormal network activities.

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