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The FortiCache High Performance Web Caching and WAN Optimization Appliances address bandwidth saturation, high latency, and network performance issues whilst enhancing security with web content filtering and anti virus protection. By caching popular internet content locally for carriers, service providers, enterprises and educational networks. FortiCache appliances reduce network bandwidth utilization, while increasing performance and end-user satisfaction by improving the speed of delivery of popular content.

FortiCache Options

FortiCache Hardware
FortiCache High Performance Web Caching and WAN Optimization Appliances come in physical and virtual machine form factors with models suitable for SMB to Carrier deployments. Throughputs range from 80Mbps on the FortiCache 400C to 800Mbps on the FortiCache 3000D . FortiCache supports storage option s up to 16TB and up to 8 network interfaces and bypass on high end systems.

Data Sheets: FortiCache-3000C; 3000D
; 1000D; & 400C and Product Matrix
FortiCache Virtual Appliance
The FortiCache-VM appliance provides acceleration of network performance through Web Content Caching and Wan Optimization in virtual machine form factor. FortiCache-VM is available in a wide range of sizes to meet the needs of any organization requiring network optimization in a virtual environment.

Data Sheets:
FortiCache-VM02; VM01; & VM and Product Matrix


  • High performance, appliance based web cache increases network performance and reduces bandwidth costs while minimizing latency and improving customer satisfaction
  • Enables you to optimize and accelerate the network by keeping as much traffic as possible “on net” and thus decrease the utilization of costly external connectivity
  • Video Content Awareness prevents viral content impacting the network by adapting caching policies for bandwidth-consuming video content
  • Reduced load on the network allows you to grow your network strategically not reactively and delay costly network upgrades
  • FortiGuard Web Filtering allows unwanted web content to be blocked from your network to protect your users and reduce risk to the organization.
  • Enhance security with FortiGuard Web Filtering to block inappropriate web content and FortiGuard Anti Virus to remove malware from your network, protecting your users and reducing risk to the organization.

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