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FortiSandbox is a key part of Fortinet’s innovative Advanced Threat Protection solution. Recommended by NSS Labs, FortiSandbox is designed to detect and analyze advanced attacks designed to bypass traditional security defenses. In independent NSS Labs testing, FortiSandbox demonstrated 99% Breach Detection effectiveness and due to Fortinet’s unique multi-layered sandbox analysis approach detected the majority of threats within one minute.

FortiSandbox, secured by FortiGuard, offers inspection of all protocols and functions in one appliance. It can integrate with your existing Fortinet infrastructure including FortiGate, FortiMail, and FortiClient, fueling a security ecosystem that automatically protects, learns, and improves your overall threat protection. It delivers highly effective protection against advanced persistent threats that is affordable as well as simple and flexible to deploy and manage. Complement your established defenses with this cutting edge sandbox capability; analyzing files in a contained environment to identify previously unknown threats and uncovering the full attack lifecycle.

  • Protects against advanced threats: Scans files on the network, in emails, in URLs, in network file share locations, and on-demand. Protects against advanced email threats, Windows threats, Office threats, zip threats, pdf threats, mobile threats and more.
  • Inspects across all Operating Environments: Code emulation examines and runs instruction sets to assess intended activity independent of operating environment for broader security coverage.
  • Examines activity, rather than attributes: Executes objects within a secure virtual runtime environment (“sandbox”) to analyze activity- system changes, exploit efforts, site visits, subsequent downloads, botnet communications and more- to expose sophisticated threats.
  • Pre-filters to deliver fast results: leverage Fortinet’s proactive anti-malware (consistently top-rated in VB100 RAP tests) and extended database as well as additional patented advanced threat intelligence techniques to detect a large percentage of advanced threats without the time and effort of full “sandboxing”.
  • Provides rich threat intelligence: Uncover information related to the full threat lifecycle, not just initial code, to speed remediation. Trigger automated and manual response in other Fortinet products to mitigate incidents. Opt in to share intelligence with FortiGuard Labs for automated security updates to boost the protection delivered through your entire Fortinet security ecosystem.
  • Delivers Officially Licensed Microsoft Components: Product comes with Microsoft Windows, Internet Explorer, and Office embedded licenses, confirmed approved for use in virtual environments unlike other sandbox solutions.

FortiSandbox Advanced Threat Detection solutions, powered by FortiGuard, deliver a robust combination of proactive detection and mitigation, actionable threat insight and easy, integrated deployment.

At their foundation is a unique, dual-level Sandbox for emulation and run-time analysis looking for malicious or suspicious activity rather than attributes. The Sandbox is complemented by Fortinet’s top rated anti-malware, a real-time query of all FortiSandbox intelligence across customers and partners, proprietary callback detection and the option of information sharing with FortiGuard Labs to speed updated inline protection.

This quick video to the right describes how sandboxing works to catch advanced threats and why FortiSandbox delivers better protection and better performance as an advanced threat protection solution.

Organizations can deploy FortiSandbox as a stand-alone or as an extension of existing FortiGate Network Security Platform, FortiMail Email Security Appliances and FortiClient Endpoint Security. FortiSandbox is available as a physical or virtual appliance, or as a cloud advanced threat protection service integrated with FortiGate.

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