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Fortinet’s line of network taps and bypass appliances enable greater visibility and insight into enterprise network traffic for security inspection, while ensuring the highest levels of network availability.

Network Tap - FortiTap
FortiTap is a family of Modular Optical Tap modules that provides network visibility without risk to existing network availability. The 100% passive design can be deployed into existing environments to enable network monitoring or security inspection by a FortiGate or other devices, without needing IP addresses or other network configuration.
The FortiTap 124A modular chassis allows as many as 24 tap modules to be mixed-and-matched in a compact 1U rackmount form factor, and the purely passive optical design requires no power and is not subject to electronic or mechanical failure.

Individual FortiTap modules support varying network speeds of 1GE/10GE/40GE/100GE, and either single-mode or multi-mode fiber with 50/50 or 70/30 split ratios.


  • Full-duplex visibility into all network traffic
  • Optical design supports single-mode or multi-mode fiber with LC or MTP connectors
  • Modular chassis design provides flexibility and expandability
  • Passive design requires no power and is non-disruptive to existing network availability

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Bypass Appliances - FortiBridge

FortiBridge is a family of Bypass Appliances that ensure network uptime and availability for FortiGate or other security appliances that are inline with traffic. The FortiBridge provides fail-to-wire bypass functionality, allowing to WAN-to-LAN segment to be bridged automatically in the case of hardware or other failure of the network security device. Network monitoring enables the network device to be placed back inline once it is back up and running.

FortiBridge can also be configured in bypass mode by default to ensure the highest network throughput normally, but to re-route traffic through a network security device such as FortiDDoS when there are periods of higher network threat activity.

Various FortiBridge models provide flexibility to support a variety of network speeds, interface types and number of network segments.


  • Easily add bypass functionality to any FortiGate or other inline network security
  • Remote configuration and monitoring with automatic or manual operational modes
  • Various models support GE, 10GE or 40GE speeds and up to 4 network segments

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