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Fortinet delivers High Performance Network Security Solutions that help you protect your network, users and data from continually evolving threats. Their diverse product line of complementary solutions enables businesses and governments to consolidate stand-alone products, embrace new technologies and pursue business opportunities while remaining secure.

In addition to their flagship FortiGate family of high performance physical and virtual appliances, they also offer a wide range of related technologies to protect your organization and simplify your IT infrastructure. One such product line that works hand-in-hand with Fortinet's FortiGate family of appliances is Fortinet's Management Solutions such as . . .

FortinetFortiManager (Hardware & Virtual Available)
FortiManager Security Management appliances allow you to centrally manage any number of Fortinet Network Security devices, from several to thousands, including FortiGate®, FortiWiFi™, and FortiCarrier™. Network administrators can better control their network by logically grouping devices into administrative domains (ADOMs), efficiently applying policies and distributing content security/firmware updates. FortiManager is one of several versatile Network Security Management Products that provide a diversity of deployment types, growth flexibility, advanced customization through APIs and simple licensing.
FortiAnalyzer Network Security Logging, Analysis, and Reporting Appliances securely aggregate log data from Fortinet Security Appliances. A comprehensive suite of easily customable reports allows you to quickly analyze and visualize network threats, inefficiencies and usage. FortiAnalyzer is one of several versatile Fortinet Management Products that provide a diversity of deployment types, growth flexibility, advanced customization through APIs and simple licensing.

FortiCloud is a Cloud-based provisioning, Configuration Management and Analytics service for FortiGate®, FortiWiFi® and FortiAP® product lines. It gives you the ability to quickly get up and running with Fortinet products while maintaining centralized control and visibility of your network. Since FortiCloud is a hosted solution, there is no additional hardware or software to acquire or deploy at your data center. In addition, FortiCloud is free of charge — optional subscriptions are available for customers who require extended log retention and advanced features.

With many of today’s emerging technology, a challenge that often arises is that of migration. As we all know, today’s technology is ever moving forward and with this comes its own issues. One of the most common ones is that of transitioning older complex configurations onto new and next generation solutions. This, from a high level, can look like a relatively simple task; however, for any manager of security solutions, they will see this as one of the biggest headaches that they face. With FortiConverter, Fortinet offers their customers a simple supported process for configuration migration.


FortiRecorder & FortiCamera
FortiCameras and FortiRecorder simplify IP video security surveillance while streamlining the user experience. Easy to use, affordable and versatile, FortiCameras give you the power to see everything; cover critical entry points, point of sale terminals, warehouses, public areas, loading docs and anything else you need too keep your eye on. The FortiRecorder captures the images for easy monitoring, storage and retrieval, in your office or on the fly. Site security becomes an extension of your network.

FortiVoice & FortiPhones
FortiVoice phone systems and phones give you complete control of your business telephone communications. Easy to use, affordable and reliable, FortiVoice phone systems and phones deliver everything you need to handle calls professionally, control communication costs and stay connected everywhere. FortiVoice is ideal for up to 2000 phone users per location.

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