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FortiCloud is a Cloud-based provisioning, Configuration Management and Analytics service for FortiGate®, FortiWiFi® and FortiAP® product lines. It gives you the ability to quickly get up and running with Fortinet products while maintaining centralized control and visibility of your network. Since FortiCloud is a hosted solution, there is no additional hardware or software to acquire or deploy at your data center. In addition, FortiCloud is free of charge — optional subscriptions are available for customers who require extended log retention and advanced features.

  • Low touch device provisioning - Get your security and wireless infrastructure up and running quickly by centrally bootstrapping devices
  • Centralized configuration management - Change device settings across multiple devices instantly with profile-based templates
  • Traffic and application visibility - Oversee network utilization by leveraging built-in dashboards and FortiView's drill-down capabilities
  • Secure, hosted log retention - Minimize IT costs by storing log data in the cloud
  • Cloud-based APT sandboxing - Leverage threat research from FortiGuard to prevent the latest zero-day attacks from affecting your network
  • Rogue AP detection - Prevent attackers from circumventing your wireless network with the introduction of rogue APs
  • Custom and preconfigured reporting - Proactively optimize and secure your network by leveraging reporting insights to maintain an optimized security posture

Whether you’re a small business looking to save on upfront costs or a distributed enterprise looking to quickly provision a wireless infrastructure, FortiCloud offers a turnkey security management solution for your Fortinet devices. If you own a FortiGate® or FortiWiFi® device, you can activate your free 1GB FortiCloud service via the GUI’s dashboard licensing widget.

FortiGate administrators can get basic logging, analytics and management capabilities by using FortiCloud. With the FortiCloud service, administrators can store up to 1GB of FortiGate logs for free or up to 200GB of FortiGate logs with an annual device subscription. In this demonstration, you can look at how multiple devices can be managed under a single console. For each device, you can then examine its associated real-time dashboard visualizations, inspect traffic and security logs, view reports or check the status of suspicious file submissions being analyzed by FortiCloud’s anti-malware sandboxing technology.

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